Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

General Purpose: Responsible for administrative functions and facilitation of day-to-day operations of the church office. This position functions to provide essential operational services that assist the church in carrying out its objectives and stated mission in an efficient, effective, and responsible manner. This is a part-time position and reports to the Lead Pastor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Administrative -

· Accountable for the oversight of the day-to-day operation of the church general office functions such as: postal needs, bank deposits, tracking and maintaining office supplies

  • Manage administrative needs on Sunday Mornings such as: collecting forms, tracking attendance, and coordinating with children’s ministry
  • Data entry and maintaining churchwide database

· Point person for keeping schedules, agendas, and calendars up to date at the church, in public and online

· Coordinate the use of the facility ensuring availability of spaces for multiple ministries, events, and members

  • Key person in church wide communications, Destinations Inserts, church-wide emails, mailings, text messages, and website updates, in response to pastoral and business manager direction

· Point person for receiving, responding, or redirecting incoming phone calls and general emails

  • Greet walk-in guests, deliveries, and solicitations at appointed office hours
  • Work with volunteers as needed for administrative tasks
  • Assist other staff with tasks as needed, to include:
  • Run errands
  • ordering materials
  • ordering food and refreshment supplies
  • scheduling meetings
  • contacting volunteers
  • word processing and creating forms
  • data entry
  • copying materials
  • sending out reminders. etc.
  • other duties as needed

Ministry Support -

  • Assist the Outreach Committee when planning large-scale events
  • Attend meetings as needed for pastoral staff and other committees

Position requirements/skills -

· The ideal candidate will have experience in administrative duties

· Can Multitask

· Proficient skill in operation of basic office equipment, which includes PC and/or Mac computer software, phone, fax, copiers, and audiovisual equipment

· Competent in office programs such as: Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, and Outlook

· Willing to learn church-based programs as needed

· Has strong communication skills

· Aptitude in the use of technology to help the church further its ministry goals

· Acute sensibility to holding and appropriately disseminating confidential information

· Willingness to uphold our church’s statement of belief

· A growing personal relationship with Christ

· A commitment to the mission of the church

· Demonstrate leadership as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:7 in the bible

The salary will be based on experience and skills. Send resumes and correspondence to